"Master Lee and Martial Arts United are GREAT! My 10 year old daughter and I joined about a month ago and we both love it! Master Lee is a fantastic teacher. His classes are a great learning experience, a physical workoutm and a lot of fun for all ages. I would highly recommend Martial Arts United to those that are serious about learning martial arts and those that are just looking for something new and exciting."
- Ron

"This is a great class for a person of any age. It teaches children great skills, as well as self-discipline and respect for others. My daughter really enjoys the class. Master Lee is a great teacher and a wonderful influence on the kids."
- Kushlani

"My children greatly enjoy taekwondo with Master Lee. They are showing good improvement in their leadership skills."
- Jim

"This is an awesome taekwondo class for children and adults. Skill set for self-defense, leadership and discipline are found here. My three children enjoy coming to practice and have learned so much over the past five years. Master Lee is a great Grand Master!"
- Carmen

"I have been a student of Master Lee’s for six months and I have learned a lot already! I have always had an interest in martial arts. Master Lee is an excellent teacher, patient and always there explaining the many techniques in class. I highly recommend this school for young and old alike."
- Steven

"We started taking taekwondo instruction at Martial Arts United (MAU) in Brookfield 3 ½ yeas ago. Our family experience has been nothing short of phenomenal! We have three children, ranging in age from 6 to age 10; all of them take classes 3 days a week. Master Lee, a 6th degree Black Belt in both Taekwondo AND Hapkido, as well as a 1st Degree Black Belt in Judo, is the primary instructor. He shows a dedication to his students that we have not experienced elsewhere (we did take one year of instruction from a popular competing martial arts academy, and felt rushed through the classes and belt rankings).
Impressively, MAU focuses not only on fine-tuned proper kicking and punching techniques, but also places the same amount of importance on “Mental Training”, i.e., the continual training of one’s moral behavior and social conduct (loyalty, obedience, respect, compassion, persistence, ect.). As a mother, I continue to be impressed with MAU’s instruction and how it so positively affects my children’s’ physical and emotional health. Inspired by my children, even I have started instruction at MAU with my kids, despite having had three knee surgeries; classes are customized per individual, based on personal health history and ability.
MAU offers mixed skill level classes, ranging from black belts to beginners; students learn leadership skills to help each other achieve the next belt rank, but they must also learn to work independently to achieve their own goals. Master Lee also offers opportunities for sparring, out-of-state tournaments, summer camps, adult clinics/seminars, involvement in community events and kids’ birthday parties. Class schedules are extremely flexible, which is invaluable when one has multiple children who may be involved in more than one sport or activity (this is not often the case at other martial arts studio, as we have found).
Overall, if you are looking for a fun, yet challenging and compassionate martial arts environment for yourself and/or your kids at a reasonable price, you will not find a better place than MAU in Brookfield."

- Heather

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